About This Blog

I’ve had other blogs in the past. I hope to get back to them someday. I also have blogs planned that I hope to get up and moving soon. But my mother suggested that I should make this my next blog. It seemed like a good idea, so I did. I may not post frequently, because of energy levels and such, but I hope to.


I don’t know a tablespoon from a teapot, but after seeing a nutritionist (in addition to an endocrinologist and a homeopath) I was given dietary advice and restrictions to help make me healthier. So now, I, and my two partners, are learning how to cook, Gods help us all. Though my husband is stating that he knows how to cook.


Specifically, I’ll mostly publish recipes that avoid grains (well, gluten, anyway) and nightshade plants. Eventually, I hope to cut out dairy as well.  I’ll try to focus on organic, cage-free, wild caught,  and free-roaming foods. I was also vegetarian for many years and while I’m eating meat right now, I hope to get back to that. So, ultimately, the recipes may swing back to being wholly vegetarian. It should be noted that a vegetarian diet isn’t an Autoimmune thing, it’s just a me thing. I’ll say where the recipes came from if I know, even if they just came from a family member or friend. I’m not perfect, and there are some foods I’ll really miss (potatoes! mozzarella sticks!), so some of the recipes WILL NOT be great for autoimmune diseases, in which case, I’ll label them as such.


I’ll probably write about general life stuff and specifically life with Addison’s Disease on here too, though I hope to use my other blogs for that more instead.


Finally, this blog does not constitute medical advice. If you have an autoimmune disease or think you do, you should seek professional medical care, and this blog is about me,  my experience,  ad what works or doesn’t work for me — it is not universal to everyone.


What do think?

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