About Spoon Theory

Christine Miserandino from butyoudontlooksick.com wrote an story about using an analogy to describe having a chronic illness to her friend. Because of her words, many chronically ill people began using the term “spoons” to describe units of energy. I highly recommend reading the original, which is long, but well worth the read. You can find it here:




Additionally, one of my favorite bloggers, Morag Spinner took the theory and ran with it. Zie* expanded upon the theory to create other types of utensil analogies for different types of energy. You can read zir blog post on the subject here:




So, I sometimes use the term spoons (unrelated to cooking) and they don’t alays just have to do with physical energy, either.


*Zie/zir are gender-neutral pronouns that replace he/his and she/her. They are used by some genderqueer, agender, intersex, multiple gender, and trans* people. There are many other gender-neutral pronouns besides those. People can use any, none,  or all that they choose.


* Trans with an asterik above it is meant to be inclusive of all variety of trans people, as opposed to needing to list every single identification, and still risk offending someone by leaving their identity out. I use it frequently.


What do think?

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